Learn to Hunt: Best Hunting Bullets

Learn to Hunt: Best Hunting Bullets

When it comes to hunting, there is a wide array of opinions on what is the best hunting caliber (I’ll eventually have an opinion on this).  It is also important, though, to make sure you are using good hunting bullets.  Essentially, you want a bullet that has the following characteristics:

  • High accuracy
  • Fast speed
  • High expansion

I’ll be honest here.  I have not done enough research, and do not have enough experience to know what the best hunting bullets are.  However, here is an infographic from Hunting Mark that gives an overview of what to look for in a bullet, as well as recommendations for specific bullets.

Note:  Click the infographic to be taken to the post on Hunting Mark where this infographic was originally posted.

Deer Hunting Bullets


If anything in the infographic is wrong, or if you think that there are better choices out there, please say so in the comments.

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