Squirrel Hunting Tips and Tricks

Squirrel Hunting Tips and Tricks

In case you missed it, I previously wrote a Beginner’s Guide to Squirrel Hunting.  If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to start there.  This post gives a few extra tips and tricks for squirrel hunting.  With the information provided in the guide and this post, you should have a decent shot at getting some bushytails!

  • Know how to identify different types of trees.  This will help you determine where squirrels are likely to be, and which areas to focus your hunt on
  • Squirrels are most active just after sunrise and just before sunset.
  • Carry some small rocks in your pocket for when a squirrel hides around the opposit side of the tree trunk.  Toss the rock to the side that the squirrel is on to trick the squirrel into thinking you moved to that side.  Be reaey to shoot, because the squirrel will move to your side
  • If you find many squirrels feeding in a tree, and you kill 1, wait 15-30 minutes before retrieving it and you might have another opportunity for a 2nd squirrel in the same area (they will come back to feed)
  • While I haven’t tried this, I have heard that you can run your hand through the leaves on the floor of the woods and stir the leaves a bit at random intervals, repeating in a broken pattern.  This imitates the sound that a squirrel would make while feeding, and it might encourage the other squirrels in the area to start moving / feeding again.
  • An alternative to a game call is to put 2 small pebbles in your hand and roll them around.  The sound of one stone scraping against another is very similar to a squirrel’s teeth working on a nutshell

Finally, don’t forget to carry your hunter safety card and your small game license!

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